A True Back-to-School Story

My “dashboard¹”

A Snapshot of Life in America on the 2nd Back-to-school season of the Pandemic. Not so different from the last. So why are we doing it?

Why is our schedule more important than our lives?

If we keep at it with this reopening nonsense

It’s late June, and there’s still a pandemic.

I’m watching lots of academic institutions unfurl their plans for the Fall semester, with lots of pomp and pride and gravitas in these president’s or provost’s letters, talking about how many committees conferred and how carefully next year’s plans have been thought through. Hybrid, in-person, socially-distanced, remote learning in all combinations… Retrofitting buildings and social behaviors to make school ‘safe,’ insistent that the most important thing is that we all stay open for business- er, learning. …

The Republican position is that this may happen every single day now. Image from Flickr/Michael Horan

Our Irrational Faith in Money is the Only True Barrier to Saving Ourselves

A Stock Photo of $40 lain carefully in a clean, white toilet bowl awaiting either retrieval or disposal by fran hogan on Unsplash. What could it mean

Revolution by Unemployment

And Other Things We Can’t Clearly See Because Our Government is Built to Make Us Afraid


I’ve learned some interesting things during my recent job search.

If you are a filmmaker looking for a job in the nation’s largest city, you’ll find on an average about 5 job listings a month for ‘filmmaker’ at your typical job-posting website. 3 of those will be misspelled searches for people who know how to use ‘Filemaker,’ a piece of databasing software. 1 of those options is to volunteer as a tutor for a range of arts, including filmmaking, and the last 1 of those 5 is to be a ‘manager’ that knows ‘how to talk to filmmakers.’

Art’s Complicity in Authoritarianism

Notes on Artists’ Literacies, Part 2

In Part 1, I described how a public ‘illiteracy’ in the disjunctive synthesis of collage allowed authoritarian atrocity to occur in plain sight.

While artists might recognize what’s going on, thanks to their training or their cultivated instinct in ‘collage logic,’ there’s a secondary question of equal importance: what are we doing about it?

The author paying his bills as a younger man, and not likely making the world a better place.

Andrew Freiband

Filmmaker, Teacher, Researcher, Founder and Director of the Artists Literacies Institute (artistsliteracies.org)

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